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How to force the restart and shutdown of the Samsung Galaxy A70

How to force the restart and shutdown of the Samsung Galaxy A70

These steps are very simple, and it is not necessary that the terminal screen is on. First, Press and hold the power off button. Then, and simultaneously, press the volume -. You will notice a small vibration and see that the terminal turns off and then turns on again.

If you just want to force the shutdown, press and hold on the shutdown button until you see the screen turn black.

Force restart of the Galaxy A70 from Recovery mode

If you can’t turn the phone back on, You must force the reboot from the system recovery mode. Eye! This does not reset the factory settings of your Galaxy A70, but if you do not follow the steps indicated below, you may have problems rebooting the device.

To enter recovery mode, press and hold the power and volume + button at the same time and for a few seconds, until a kind of Android grimace appears. When you see it, release the buttons. If you can’t get in and the phone starts again or doesn’t answer, try again.

Once inside, different options will appear. You can move using the volume + and volume – keys, and confirm the operation by pressing once on the power key. The option that interests us here is the one that says Reboot System Now. When you press, you see that the terminal restarts.

If the screen responds, it is not necessary to force a restart or shutdown. You can reset the terminal, or even disconnect it, manually. Just press and hold on the power button. A menu appears with the different options. Press the red power off button or the reset button if you want the device to turn on again quickly.

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