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How to fix the bug on the Android Gboard keyboard

The popularity of Gboard is not only given by its number of downloads in the Play Store of users who prefer this keyboard over others, but also many phones with Android One comes with this keyboard preinstalled. So if you are one of the people who have it installed and are giving you problems, we tell you some things you can do to solve it.

The problems they are having range from not being able to finish writing words likecrasheos,

Install a new keyboard

First and as long as the storm does not pass, you can try installing a new keyboard. There are thousands of keyboards on Android, and we leave you our list of best keyboards for Android, where options are presented as viable as Swiftkey, the Microsoft keyboard, another of the most popular platform.

It is also a good time to try new things … And if you like it better than the Gboard itself?

Delete data from Gboard

If you like Gboard and do not accept any other keyboard, we will look for other solutions. The first thing we can do is erase data and delete the cache memory. To do this we will go toSettings> Applications> Gboard(you can search for it)>Storage> Clear storageanddelete cache

Thus we make sure that the failures due to some configuration inherited from previous versions are not giving us problems.


Reinstall an earlier version of the app

And finally, one of the options may be to reinstall the app. But as the new version is the one that is giving problems we will install a new version.

If the app is installed on your serial phone you will have to go toSettings> Applications> Gboard> Uninstall.While if you installed it on your own you can uninstall it by dragging the icon from the home screen or from the application box. Also in the same way discussed above.

Once this is done instead of installing it from the Play Store we can download the previous version, that of December 10, which still did not have the current problems. You can download it from the APK Mirror website, but you must activate third-party downloads in your browser. To do so you will have to go toSettings> Applications> Your browser> Install unknown applicationsand activate it.

Once done you install it without problems and forget about the problem.

Did any work for you?