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How to customize your mobile's Google bar widget

For several versions of Android Google implemented by default the search widget on the desktop when we first ran the system.

This element was easily eliminated but I must recognize that it is a good move by the company since most of the people I know not only did not remove it but also did the searches from there.

After waiting for a while the option to configure the aesthetics of this bar is available to all users so we will tell you how to do it.

How to change the Google bar widget

This item is linked to the Google application, which we can open by selecting the corresponding icon in the application drawer.

Once we do we will have to open the menu side, the icon of the three horizontal stripes, and there select Customize Widget.

We will have four variables to modify:

  • Logo: Here we can change the logo of the bar, putting a G or the name of Google, for example.
  • Shape: The outline of the widget can also change, allowing it to be rounded or more square.
  • Colour: This is the section that has the most impact by allowing you to change the color of the bar you want.
  • Tonality: even if it seems something else here what we change is the transparency of the widget, so that we can see the desktop wallpaper to a greater or lesser extent.

Once the changes have been made, click on the word Ready in the upper right corner and the modifications will be applied.

This navigation bar is possible that you use it in some mobiles and not in others but it is an element that comes standard, at least in the terminals that collaborate with Google such as the Huawei, Samsung or LG, among others.