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How to choose the evolution of Eevee in Pokmon Go

If we can't give our fire stone to get Flareon or our water stone to get Vaporeon or any other evolution, how do we do it in Pokmon GO that we don't have these objects? Well, it is easier than it seems, attentive or attentive that we tell you.

eeveelutions choose evolution eevee

Choose the evolution of Evee in Pokmon GO

Eevee is one of the few Pokmon that has so many evolutions. And according to what you do evolve to one or the other. And in Pokmon GO it is done with names. Yes, depending on the name you have to evolve to one Pokmon or another, these are the names you have to put in order to put this.

  • Sparky allow us to evolve our Eevee in Jolteon, the electric Pokmon.
  • Rainer allow us to evolve our Eevee in Vaporeon, the water Pokémon.
  • Pyro allow us to evolve our Eevee in Flareon, the fire Pokémon.
  • Sakura allow us to evolve our Eevee in Espeon, the psychic Pokmon.
  • Size allow us to evolve our Eevee in Umbreon, the sinister Pokmon.
  • Linnea allow us to evolve our Eevee in Leafeon, the plant Pokmon.
  • Rea allow us to evolve our Eevee in Glaceon, the ice Pokémon.

If you don't put one of these names on your Eevee, evolve randomly to any of its evolutions. So if you want to evolve it to the one you want, make sure you give it the name. At the moment we cannot evolve Sylveon, the last evolution that was introduced in the sixth generation.

To evolve it remember that you have to give 25 Eevee candies with the name changed. Of course, we recommend that you reboot the game 100% before restarting your Eevee.

Anyway we tell you other methods in case you want to do it differently.

Other methods to achieve the desired evolution

There are other methods to get some of the evolutions especially to get Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon and Glaceon.

Get Espeon or Umbreon

This method is relatively easy. We will have to select Eevee as a partner. Once this is done you will have to walk 10 kilometers and get the 25 candies. Then if you evolve during the day surely evolve to Espeon and if you evolve during the night be in Umbreon.

This method is not infallible, but the possibilities are very high.

Espeon and umbreon choose eevee evolution

Get Leafeon and Glaceon

If what you want is to get a Leafeon or a Glaceon you can do it through bait modules. The Glacier and Mossy bait modules will be the ones that will help us get these Pokmon. Once we have them, we will have to get the 25 candies and go to a Pokparada and turn it.

Glaceon and Leafeon

And these are all the tricks to get the evolution of Eevee that we want. The way to choose Eevee evolution in Pokmon GO.