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Hearthstone Decks: Best Dragon Descent Budget: lists of cheap decks for the casual Hearthstone player

Our Descent of Dragons deck page includes lists of cheap decks for the heroes of Hearthstone Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior.

Descent of Dragons has almost arrived, and it is difficult to pin down exactly where to start. A lot of new cards are about to fall, and you definitely don't want to spend your limited amounts of arcane dust to create a deck that may not be worthwhile in the long run.

While these will not be the best decks in Descent of Dragons, for those with a limited budget, we believe they will take you quite far if you are looking to save some money. Even if you are a veteran with a lot of money to spend, it is worth creating one of these decks from the beginning, since you never really know how the goal is going to be shaken.

We will have another great update for you after launch, but for now, here is our selection of the best budget decks for you to start using Descent of Dragons.

List of Dragon Budget Descent Druid Decks

Here is a version of Token Druid for the Doom in the Tomb era from Saviors of Uldum. The deck contains two legendary minions, but both SN1P-SN4P and Archmage Vargoth It should already be in your collection, since they were given away for free recently, but if you don't have them, it is not essential. Instead, you only have a couple of Violet Teachers or Harvest Golems. This deck (excluding the two free Legendary) costs 1240 dust to create from scratch, but you probably already have a good portion of the cards. Wise replacements, Garden gnome It is a great addition ahead of some of the less powerful cards also, activated by The help of the forest.

(Our guide Token Druid will help you pilot this deck if you need some tips to get started).


2 x Acorn Bearer 2 x Mecharoo
2 x Dreamway guardians 2 x Juggler knife
2 x Power of the wild 2 x Microtech controller
2 x BEES!!! 2 x Razorfen Hunter
2 x Blessing of the ancients 1 x SN1P-SN4P
2 x Landscaping 1 x Archmage Vargoth
2 x Wild roar
2 x Soul of the forest
2 x Strong punch
2 x The help of the forest

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck to your game.

Cover import ID: AAECAaa4AwLWmQOftwMOQIEC / QL3A + YFsQjf + wL2 / QKMgAPDlAPOlAPKnAPTnAOvogMA

Budget Descent Hunter of Dragons Deck List

This economic mid-range Hunter deck costs 1760 dust to build from scratch. Unfortunately, the only card itches in the deck is Master's Call, and is an essential part of the list. The updates to the deck are simple: Zul'jin. Hit it there if you have a copy, and it may be the final winner of the game you are missing. But the deck still works without him!

(We have a mid-range hunter guide that details more about how to play this archetype.)


2 x Shimmerfly 2 x Vicious flaky skin
2 x Springpaw
2 x Timber wolf
1 x Tracking
2 x Hyena Carrier
2 x Animal companion
2 x Deadly shot
2 x Desert spear
2 x Kill command
2 x Teacher call
2 x Unleash the hounds
2 x Terrible brakes
2 x Tundra Rhino
2 x Unleash the beast
1 x Jungle Call

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck to your game.