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Google Maps will tell you if there is a car park near your destination when you travel

What started as a map application has almost become a multipurpose tool. Google Maps is one of the best Google products and without a doubt the best free browser we can use.

One of its main functions is to help us reach our destination when we drive and that happens to help us park.

In previous versions of this application we saw that it was possible to save the location of the parking lot in which we had left the car and even know in advance if there would be difficulty in finding parking.

Now the development team goes one step further and is testing a new alert that indicates if there is a parking near our destination and is able to recalculate the route in a simple way.

A help in navigation mode

This new alert will not appear on the screen prior to driving mode but within it. As you can see in the image, if we are close to reaching the end of the trip, the application can suggest a parking lot near where we are.

In the same pop-up window we will see the time that is walking from that parking lot to the place we want to go, obviously obligatory journey when leaving the parked car.

If we accept the suggestion the route to the parking lot will be recalculated adding a stop on the itinerary and when we arrive the indications will continue, on foot, in the same interface without having to do anything.

This on-screen notification will disappear if we ignore it although there does not appear to be an option in the settings so that the suggestion does not skip if we want it to be so.

What is not yet clear is whether it is a new feature that is spreading through servers and that will reach all users sooner rather than later, or if it is a Google test that only a few can use.