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Google launches doodles for Valentines, now you can play them

Google launches Valentine's Day with some doodle-shaped games. And they are very fun, you can try them already from your desktop browser or on your mobile.

We are two days away from the most loving day of the whole year. Yes, it is somewhat cloying and excessively commercial, but it also has its romantic point that should be enjoyed. Not only with your partner, too in the browser or on the mobile: Google has prepared some special Valentine's doodles that can already be tested. And they are very fun games …

Valentine's games are already active on Google

Like any doodle, the Valentine's will be activated progressively as we reach February 14; as well depending on the location. Although, as usual in this type of multimedia content, doodles can be accessed through the link.

The Valentine's game consists of three days or phases. Today we are on the first of those days, which corresponds to Ghana. We will control a nice pangolin, a mammal with scales native to Africa, who will have to meet his beloved crossing a field full of obstacles.

Google Valentine games

The second day the doodle of Valentine moves us to India.

New Google games for Valentine's Day, try them now!

And on the third and last day we will play with the pangolin in China.

Google Valentine games

You can play each of the doodles by clicking on the corresponding link; though you will only access the game that corresponds to the current day. Once Valentine has passed, all three games should be kept active to be enjoyed whenever you feel like it.

You can use the mobile browser and cursor keys, although it is best to use the mobile. Just click on the links from your smartphone: you will use the accelerometers to control the movement of the pangolin with an on-screen button to jump.