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Follow Operation Triunfo with the official OT 2018 application for Android

It has returned the most important musical show in Spain, the talent show that breaks audience records. Exactly, we talk about Triumph operation, the program in charge of choosing our representative of Eurovision. Do not want to miss anything about this new contest? You have already updated the official Android application.

OT 2018 It is the key that allows you to access everything that happens in the show, both during the gala and throughout the week of preparations. It is an application that works as a complement to the programs, it is also a decisive element: with it you can choose who deserves to continue among the elect. Therefore, thanks to OT 2018 you will participate in the election of the representative of Spain to Eurovision.

Download the 2018 OT app for Android and choose your favorite contestant for free

Follow Operation Triunfo with the official OT 2018 app for Android

OT 2018 is updated with this year's contestants so you don't miss anything about everything that happens to them. It is the perfect tool to accompany you during the broadcast of the galas since it not only takes care of notifying you (if you activate the notifications), it also allows you to choose your favorite participants to save them from elimination. For this you will need to register, enter the phone number (only valid for Spain) and accept all use of your data.

Instant information of the contestants and the program, link to Direct Operation Triumph, to galas and castings, the entire list of the contestants with their respective social networks so you can follow them, possibility of saving the nominees … And a new option introduced this year: you can create a Triumph Operation Fan Account. Of course, it is not yet available (as of the date of this article).

Follow Operation Triunfo with the official OT 2018 app for Android

With the official application of OT 2018 You have the best way to directly access what is necessary to follow the program, its contestants and also to interact with the whole group. The only drawback is the acceptance of the enormous amount of privacy policies that it has, also the obligatory transfer of data; not to mention that it is mandatory to transfer the phone number to sign up for the app Is such registration mandatory? If you want to access the important thing of OT 2018 yes. Otherwise you can only find out the news.

Follow Operation Triunfo with the official OT 2018 app for Android

You haven't downloaded yet OT 2018 for Android and are you interested in doing it? You know: you can download the application directly from Google Play.