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Facebook being investigated by monopoly

The idea that the main social networks will be unified in a single taste, and not, equally. But to appear now Facebook can't carry out his idea of ​​unifying WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger for creating a monopoly.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC in English) has banned Facebook from carrying out its unification plans for go against certain rights. Among them, the free competition that we have users. That is, the free market allows us to decide if we want one brand or another, because in the case of Facebook, we will not have many options since they all go through Facebook.

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What is intended with this research, which affects several technology companies, is avoid monopoly. The news has jumped to the fore because Facebook's plans have been known for many months.

The agency in charge of this investigation wants to stop this monopoly at all costs, since according to the original source of this article it speculates with the strategy that Facebook sees WhatsApp and Instagram grow, while Messenger does not. And I would like relaunch the 3 at a time for a single go. Not only that, but when managing advertising and advertisers, it is easier to do it from a single place than separately.

According to The Wall Street Journal, another reason why the social network in charge of Zuckerberg wants to unify WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, is because that way share end-to-end encryption that only WhatsApp currently has. This is something quite positive in Zuckerberg's strategy, but the FTC wants to knock him down.

If this complaint reaches the end and is accepted, it is the end of Zuckerberg's plans, but it will not be the end of any of these 3 social networks.

Be that as it may, for now the Unification of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger it is paralyzed until the end of the research and there is a firm sentence and be resolved if it is a monopoly or not.

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Va: The Wall Street Journal