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Facebook activates the search for couples to Tinder

We would not know if Facebook It has brought together more couples than those who broke because of it, but there is no doubt that the social network contributed as none to achieve the reunion of the old loves. Who has not "gossiped" in the profile of a former ex, that person we were sneaking into the institute, by a co-worker we never addressed? Yes, Tinder stole Facebook's toast in terms of online love, hence Zuckerberg wants to solve it.

We already knew that Facebook I was planning a partner search system within your social network, now we know that this service is finally active. At the moment in tests and located to a specific territory, as usually happens in the great changes that were introduced on Facebook. Colombia is the lucky country: its users can now find the love of their life and give it the eternal Like.

Facebook wants to be the best place to establish an online relationship

Facebook activates the search for a partner in Tinder

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That is the ambition of the team: they aspire that Facebook reconquers its natural site in relationships, not in vain is the social network par excellence. To do this, he has created a way to establish contact that seeks to preserve privacy while offering a simple way to find the next crush. Is it a match?

Facebook separates the social network and the agenda of common friends from the online contact system. In this way, and whenever we sign up for the new partner search, the service will not cross us with the contacts agenda; thus avoiding embarrassing problems.

When entering Facebook Dating we must fill out the profile and filter what we are looking for

Facebook Dating, That's what it's called. The service is already active in Colombia inviting users to join the couple search. This works by prioritizing privacy (what irony coming from Facebook) and uniting people from the same city and with identical interests. To do this we must fill in a questionnaire at the beginning completing the profile.

We can search for a partner by applying certain filters, such as maximum distance, if you have children, age … Facebook Dating will offer similar profiles that we can discard or accept by offering the option of establishing contacts through messages. If there is an attraction between the two, they can be written through chats and from there establish a joint contact. This Facebook service is only visible through the mobile application, at least for now.

Profiles and messages are separated from Facebook

As much as we can fill out our profile in a similar way to how we do it on Facebook, and write contact messages as done in Messenger, both functions are separated from Facebook thereby prioritizing privacy. Always without using a separate application, it will be the same one that is already installed on the smartphone (if you have one).

The first test is being carried out in Colombia. If satisfactory Facebook Dating It will be extended to other countries. We'll see if he manages to dethrone Tinder, Meetic and company.