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Executioner of Clash Royale comes to an end, new balance adjustments

The new balance adjustments are now available in Clash Royale where there is a big hit, the Executioner. We tell you all the changes and the decks that are being used now.

Supercell has introduced a new update of its game, this time it does not bring any cards but only makes some balance adjustments that affect a good handful of cards with a single handicapped: the Executioner.


Its damage has been reduced by 6%, now the executioner will do less damage but also at a smaller distance since the range has also been reduced from 5 to 4.5 and the radius of the ax by 10%. One of the cards that was present in practically all the decks of the goal, used to defend both by land and by air will now be less decisive.


Again with the poison, they have now modified the duration of 10 to 8 seconds although they increase the damage per second by 24%. Lasts less but does more damage per second, at the end of the spell the damage will be the same but will do so in less time, this means that it will damage more troops that are within their range before they leave.


Clash Royale

One of the cards we see the least at high levels, the witch, has been improved by increasing her damage by 6%. The change implies that you can end the skeletons of the same level with a single shot, an improvement for a card that is very strong in the lower levels of the game.


The P.E.K.K.A. Big will now be ready to hit swords long before, the deployment time has been changed from 3 seconds to just 1. It costs 7 to elixir but now you can take it out to defend fast units such as the mountainport or the elite barbarians and that Start attacking quickly.

Dark prince

double prince

Life points are increased by 5%, I do not think it is something relevant to put it in the deck because for what it is worth we have more valuable cards such as the musketeer, the Valkyrie and even the Mini P.E.K.K.A. Will we see mallets with the double prince again?

Baby dragon

Another important improvement of this balance adjustment is brought to the dragon baby whose range is increased from 3 to 3.5, ideal for defending large and small units that attack by land. Nor is it used a lot in high arenas and this change does not believe that it makes it enter the top decks.


Another where I said I say of Supercell, return the 4 skeletons by 1 of elixir. Some updates ago the Supercell guys decided that 4 skeletons were too much for a card that cost only 1 elixir, a card that is usually used to defend large units and that entertain in the center of the arena for a long period of time. weather. They have decided to add the skeleton that went to the army again, going from 16 to 15.

New mallets

balance adjustments Clash Royale

Although it is still too early to see how the goal (the decks most used by the best players), we can already see that in the players who are higher in the rankings the executioner has disappeared. Right now we are seeing a wide variety of decks that are not necessarily including the cards that have been improved in the update.