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Dream Detective is an illustrated adventure that will create a trend

Dream Detective that new illustrated adventure for Android and that at first we are already taken with all our compliments. A game to "Find where Wally is" and in which we will have to look with magnifying glass objects and characters that put us as a mission.

And yes, get ready for a very visual look own with some illustrations full of details. They are of those drawings in which in each little one a small story is told and that you will discover thanks to the clues they give you for each of the discoveries that you have to make. A whole game for Android.

Dream Detective inspires something of its own

Dream detective

Dream Detective is capable of leaving you alone Quiet on the couch while you watch those large illustrations in which all kinds of things happen. They are freehand drawn illustrations and that we can extend to move through them with zoom or lateral displacement.

Dream detective

And every time you use the zoom you will realize that there are many more objects and characters than at first You came to think or find. The objective of each level is to find a number of objects or characters said and that we find located at the bottom of the screen.

If we click on each of them, a clue appears in Spanish that gives us a great hand to focus our research on the illustration. A simple drawing, but very careful and that is full of details so that our sight is lost between them and it costs us more to find that 90's tape or that teddy bear of some of the characters that make up each level.

Unique dream scenes in a game to relax

Dream detective

One of the truths of Dream Detective is that inspires in such a way that it is almost a pleasure Looking at each of the illustrations. An elegant artistic style in which we will have to help our detective discover all the secrets they hide.

Dream detective

We talk about 200 very well designed levels and thousands of lines of dialogue in Spanish so that we discover a world of its own with its same stories. In total there are 100,000 interactions and texts that are there waiting for you to discover them.

In fact, if you click on some objects or characters, many times texts emerge that give clues about the scene We are watching. And like the style is very visual in the illustrations, all Dream Detective menus and screens follow the same pattern. You can even customize the protagonist with hundreds of costumes available, discover elven secrets and other mysteries of Dream Land.

A unique game that will create a trend

Dream detective