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Do you know what hashtags and days will be most popular on Instagram in 2020?

  • According to Zariance, Instagram has more than one billion monthly users

  • The posts with a hashtag they have 12.6 percent more interaction than those without tags

  • Some 200 million users worldwide visit at least one brand profile daily

As with all sites in its industry, Instagram has its problems and challenges. On the one hand, many regulators do not want integrate more with your mother company, Facebook. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for the platform to experience errors and general falls in a way relatively constant. We also have to point out some corporate decisions that were not well received by brands and users. For example, remove likes or their age limits.

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But even with these problems to its credit, it cannot be denied that Instagram is, as an advertising platform, one of the most useful tools for marketers. In accordance with Business, the site has monetization schemes for brands to make money without leaving the app. Neal Schaffer He points out that, due to his visual style, he has higher than average interaction rates. But to take advantage of it, you have to know what and when to publish.

The most followed hashtags on Instagram Mexico during 2019

Through a statement, the office of this social network in the country released important data on the use of its platform during the last 12 months. Among the information released by Instagram, there are the hashtags that Mexican users followed most throughout 2019. These can serve as a reference for brands in the course of 2020. Especially if they want to start joining the conversation of the bulk of The national population.

Among the most popular hashtags on Instagram Mexico during 2020, there are topics such as Poetic Texts, Positive Thoughts and Wise Words. Likewise, Sayings, PhrasesParaShare and the Reflexin Book were popular. That is, what users prefer to share in the country are ideas where they can motivate each other. Also, the recommendations seem to be also popular. Especially if they have titles or phrases that go easy.

What does this mean for brands? By 2020, they may begin to use these issues more and include them in their regular publication calendar. In this way, they can not only get on the trend trains on the social network more easily. It will also be easier to generate a tie with Instagram users. Not to mention that the brand can be given a new face. One that is not so corporate and is closer to the rest of the public.

There are also clearly more popular days on the social network

But that is not all that Instagram Mexico revealed in its information. The company also published a list with 11 dates on which the platform saw an unusually high activity among its users. Not only can it help complement the knowledge of hashtags from last year. It can also serve as a starting point to reflect on the most popular topics of the year 2019 and see if they can be replicated by this next 2020.

Between the dates that more movement registered in Instagram are the first, two and three of January. Obviously, for the New Year. Also on November 2, 3 and 4, they were very popular, possibly because of the Day of the Dead. In this list you can also count the period between April 20 and 24. These last dates can be seen as a coincidence both with the return of the Easter holidays and with the arrival of spring.

What does this mean for brands? Initially, they should be pending with the New Year implementation they are planning for within a few weeks. But it also means that traditional festivals have become particularly popular on Instagram Mexico, with reference to the Day of the Dead. It is also worth noting that, although vacations are a good opportunity to join the conversation, it has to be after they end.

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