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Difference between ie and eg

You may have noticed the acronyms in lowercase letters, for example, when reading newspapers, novels, magazines or any other material. While ie expand to 'id est', which means 'in other words', for example, is a short term for 'exempli gratia' which means 'for example'. Let's understand these two with an example:

There are two types of games, that is to say, indoor games and outdoor games, in which indoor games are played inside the house, for example, chess, carrom, etc.

These two common abbreviations in English have different meanings and uses. However, they are often juxtaposed, since they are used to further clarify the statement, in the first case, rethinking in a better way and in the second, giving examples. So, let's take a look at the article presented below to understand the difference between ie and, for example,

Comparative graph

Bases for comparisons say eg
Sense that is, "that is" for example, means 'for example'
Etymologist It is derived from a Latin term 'id est'. It is derived from a Latin term 'exempli gratia'.
Used To provide more clarifications To provide examples
Position It occurs in the middle of the sentence. It is given at the end of a sentence.
Example Twitter is a social networking site where users can read and share short messages, that is, tweets. There are many social networking sites to connect people, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google plus.

Definition of ie

that is, it is an acronym of a Latin term 'id est', which in simple term means 'what is', 'in other words', 'in essence' or 'in effect'. We often explain something else that has just been said or written in a different and better way. Therefore, it can be a definition, elaboration or a metaphor, to provide additional information in support of the declaration or to emphasize it. Now we will understand where we use, that is, in our prayers:

  1. He use before some additional information, to make it easier to understand and express its real meaning :
    • Schools are closed during summers, that is to say, from April to June.
    • We need qualified teachers for our university, that is to say, Ph.D. headlines

Definition of for example

For example, it is a shortening of 'exempli gratia' which is a Latin origin. Basically, it means 'for example', and it can be used in a sentence when we want to present some examples to the statement I just said, but not a complete list, for the concept under discussion. Come on, let's understand where we can use, for example, in our prayer:

  1. Used to exemplify the information provided for a better understanding :
    • You should use better brands of cosmetics, for example, Lakme, Lotus, Revlon, etc.
    • There are many ros in India, for example, Ganga, Tapti, Yamuna, Krishna, Narmada, etc.

Key differences between ie and eg

The difference between ie and eg are discussed in the points presented below:

  1. ie is an abbreviation for the Latin term 'id est' which means 'that is' or 'in other words'. Conversely, for example, it is an acronym for a term in Latin 'exempli gratia' which means 'for example'.
  2. that is, it is mainly used to give a descriptive declaration, for the declaration you have just said or written. On the other hand, for example, it is used to give examples to the statement just said or written.
  3. The term ie is used in the middle of the sentence, while one can use, for example, at the end of the sentence.
  4. We use, that is, when we are talking or writing something in a general way, however, we can use, for example, to talk about something specific.
  5. Example : to. She is very smart, that is to say, obtained a 90% in his upper secondary exam. second. I want to go to Rajasthan to see beautiful fortresses, for example, Fort Mehrangarh, Fort Chittorgarh, Fort Jaigarh, Fort Nahargarh, Fort Ranthambore, etc.


that is to say

  • I encountered an accident in June, that is to say, three months ago.
  • The new product launched by the company is to serve low-income groups, that is to say, price sensitive people.


  • There are many animals and birds in the zoo, for example, tiger, peacock, deer, pigeon, crocodile, crane, etc.
  • You can reduce your tax burden by investing in tax savings schemes, for example, ELSS, PPF, fixed deposit for tax savings, etc.

Ways to remember the difference.

The best way to learn the difference is to understand that, that is, that it begins with 'I', means 'in other words'. You can also remember that is, as in essence. On the other hand, for example, start with 'E' which means 'example'.