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Create your web for Instagram from your mobile in minutes


Power create your website in minutes to have a link in your bio on Instagram From your mobile is what this app called Milkshake allows you. Logically that URL link that will be created belongs to your site, but it offers you the possibility of having a responsive web space to extend everything you offer on your Instagram.

And the truth is that apps like this, especially for the ease they create when creating pages from your mobile, make things a lot easier to add that extra information to your artist profile or that useful and more technical information of a product that you are offering from your Instagram account. Let's see what this app called Milkshake is about.

Design your website for your bio based on cards

Milkshake goes easy and mainly everything is designed for you to customize a series of cards that are worth to show the information, links and images you need. That is to say, that in a matter of minutes you will be done with the creation of those cards that will be the ones that “populate” your bio through the link that Milkshake will put in your Instagram account.

In fact, when you start your journey with this app to create your website, you only have to use your Instagram credentials to start editing the cards you want. Once this is done, you can edit all the fields of name, title, subtitle, image and description in order to leave the information you need for products, notices or information well entered.

How to create your website for Instagram

You will be able to use both text and Images, GIFs, YyouTube videos, Blog and even podcast episodes. That is, as a great addition to the bio of your Instagram what Milkshake offers is more than attractive to a creator of content on Instagram.

These cards can be customized in such a way that you can change the font, size or predominant colors in the color palette of the card. You also have the option of shake the customization and that randomly One aspect is selected.

Now you only have to publish

When you have personalized and created those necessary cards, you can publish online for free, but always with the Milkshake URL. By the way, a fairly friendly and that could be

That resulting link you can add it to your bio on Instagram and so your followers can connect with other content that you offer from your own Instagram account. That is, we talk about animated GIFs, YouTube videos and other content series already mentioned above.


Another interesting aspect that has the create your web for your bio on Instagram with Milkshake, is that you can have a series of analytical data of the visits to the cards that you have created and the possibility of optimizing the website for free. It is important to have this data to know which of the cards is receiving the greatest amount of visits and thus discard the others for new ones that capture that attention and among all add more followers.