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Brawl Stars Esports and tournaments

Howdy Brawlers! In this post, we will talk about several Brawl Stars tournaments that you can join to showcase your fighting skills.

Many people believe that Brawl Stars is a possible important game in the area of ​​mobile electronic sports. Mobile eSports are making their way into the global eSports community, and that means people from all over the world are competing. The main electronic sports titles include other Supercell titles such as Clash Royale. Many of the major electronic sports, including Clash Royale, are MOBA. This indicates that MOBA games play an important role in the electronic sports industry. That is exactly the reason why people think that Brawl Stars will become an important esports title.

People who have been playing the game since the first day of its launch consider it a game change in the mobile electronic sports industry. As of now, there are many tournaments that are held, and there are many people who participate enthusiastically in them, including high-level professional players. For now, let's take a look at the tournaments and leagues currently being held at Brawl Stars.


PBL means Pro Brawl League. This tournament was started by coach Cory, a content creator of Brawl Stars. This was the first type of tournament in Brawl Stars to be widely recognized by the community. It has a great fan base and everyone can see all the main weapons in action. After all, season 1 was successfully completed and after its great success, season 2 has begun and is underway. Look!

State: Season 1 completed, season 2 running

Winners of season 1: Wakandans tribe

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Last but not least: as I mentioned earlier that this game will have a great influence on mobile electronic sports, Brawl Stars has entered the electronic sports scene sooner than expected (even before the world launch)! ESL I decided to hold a great tournament for Brawl Stars, and the finals will be held in Germany. The qualifiers are live now. You can follow the Twitter ID of ESL Brawl Star for more information.

For weekly information on tournaments, teams and results, see That is all we have for today! Are you considering joining a tournament for Brawl Stars in the future? Leave your answer in the comments below.