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Bluetooth and solar: JBL present headphones that are charged with sunlight

Bluetooth and solar: JBL present headphones that are charged with sunlight – LA NACION





The solar charging system can replace the autonomy of the battery with sunlight or artificial interior lighting, as with some watches and accessories that use this system

From the cables to the Bluetooth connection, the wireless headphones were transformed in the last decade with various models and designs that seek to prolong the autonomy of their batteries. Now it is the turn of solar energy for a JBL prototype that promises unlimited use without using a wired charger.

The JBL REFLECT Eternal solar Bluetooth headset uses Powerfoyle-based panels, a technology developed by the
Swedish firm Exeger that allows storing energy from both the sun's energy and artificial light from indoor environments. Its operation resembles the recharging systems used
in solar clocks and in some peripherals of desktop computers
like Logitech keyboards.

Official video of JBL solar headphones


With this solar system and starting from a full charge, daily use outdoors and indoors allow this prototype to ensure a usage time of up to 68 hours of reproduction. In addition to this innovative charging system, JBL Eternal REFLECTs have a USB connector for a traditional 15-minute charge that ensures about two hours of use.

Bluetooth headphones with solar charging are available
in a campaign of collective financing in Indiegogo at 99 dollars. Available until January 14, JBL Eternal REFLECTs are expected to hit the market by October 2020.


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