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Beware of Phishing, don't be scammed !!

We return with a ANDROID ALERT, or what is the same, a top-notch news about security in general when it comes to the world of technology in the broad spectrum it covers. This time we will talk about a hot topic that is apparently becoming fashionable in Spain, we are talking about what is technically known as Phishing.

A scam that is spreading throughout the country like gunpowder at a dizzying pace and that is already affecting hundreds of users in different ways. What do you want to know exactly what is Phishing and how to protect yourself from this scam or classic scam of the stamp?. Well then read this post because apart from explaining everything, I'm sure that it will be very useful for you not to fall into the trap in which hundreds of users are falling.

But what exactly is phishing?

ANDROID ALERT: Beware of Phising, don't be scammed !!

Speaking with a plain language that everyone can understand since in principle it is what you want to achieve this video-post, keep alert users of Smartphones, Tablets and technology in general, whatever the operating system, Phishing is nothing more than a scam in which some cyber criminals supplant the identity of an entity such as a bank, savings bank, Amazon, Google, or as in this particular case that I tell you in this post, an impersonation of Spain Post Identity.

So we can say that Phishing is simply an impersonation to try to deceive the user and get confidential information such as bank passwords, personal data and sensitive information with which to get access to these accounts without our consent and thus perpetrate the scam in issue that as a general rule come to be the withdrawal of cash from our bank accounts.

How do these scammers act with the Phishing scam?

ANDROID ALERT: Beware of Phising, don't be scammed !!

The performance of these scammers, or rather organized cyber criminals mafias, they act normally via SMS messages like the one I have left in the image above, image that Toni Cano shared from Q12 on his Twitter account.

These messages are of different styles although As a general rule, everyone complies with a common rule, which is to try to click on the link attached in the message, a link in which you are supposed to get in touch with the entity in question through which they are posing to divert you to a fake website, identical to the official website from which you will be asked for personal data that your bank or any entity will never request via SMS or email or by any of these electronic means.

It goes without saying that you should never click on anything in the world on that link, so if you receive an SMS message, email message, WhatsApp or Telegram message that is minimally similar to the one I have shown you in this post, especially if a URL shortener has been used, what you should do is pass of it and remove it directly to the trash bin of your terminal. Let's go straight to the bin!

At the moment I write the post, those affected are already so many that the news is spreading to all social networks such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc, etc. Remember that although here I have shown you an example in which you try to supplant Correos Spain, They have already reported and denounced similar messages trying to supplant banking entities such as Bankia, BBVA, Banco de Sabadell, and many others.

In the video that I left you right at the beginning of this post I explain this scam or phishing scam in a much simpler and more enjoyable way to understand, so I advise you to take a look to be even more informed and be alert so that they do not give it to you with cheese as the old and wise popular proverb says.

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