Best Apps and Games for iPad of the Week (April 29, 2013)

Best Apps and Games for iPad of the Week (April 29, 2013)

Lately the App Store does not stop removing applications continuously and it costs a bit to decide what application to download or what new game to try. So you can get an idea of ​​the best we've tried in iPadizate We have made a list of Apps and games for the best tablet of all this week.

This week we have tested the new Google assistant and we believe it has many possibilities. We also have to highlight the Drafts application with which you can create the drafts of your texts and then send them to the application you want. You can also make the searches you want with a very elegant application, WikiLinks. In the games section Lords & Knights hook you a lot because you want to conquer every known land. Get all your ingenuity to be the best in Puk, or at least try to reach the highest level. In our list you could not miss Angry Birds Friends, the new Rovio game is really good, especially for its ability to make you compete.

The best Apps and Games for iPad that we downloaded in the week of April 29

Lords & Knights

Lords & Knights is a game that does not leave you alone, it hooks a lot. You will have to create your own civilization from a simple castle. The game offers many possibilities and you will have to recruit a great army to defend your lands and conquer other castles on the map. Create an alliance with other players to be much stronger.

Angry Birds Friends

Rovio's last game is really good, it combines the possibility of playing the classic Angry Birds but connected to your Facebook account and challenging your friends. Weekly tournaments give you enough time to place the first in the rnking and get your gold crown. But be careful, your friends will fight to get ahead of you!


Puk is a new ingenuity game that will put your nerves to the surface. Twelve seconds are the ones that separate you from getting past the level or starting over from scratch. Your mission is to throw small discs from the bottom of your iPad against some circles before time runs out. Simple ?, 1000 different levels await you.

WikiLinks: the smart and smart Wikipedia reader

The WikiLinks application is a very simple browser where you can search for any content found on Wikipedia, Wiktionary, YouTube and of course perform the usual searches on the web. In addition, the app has an intelligent algorithm that offers you similar news to what you normally look for. As its title says, smart and smart app.

Drafts for iPad

Drafts is an application designed for iPad where you can create the drafts of your texts and then decide what to do with them. Once you have the text ready you can send it in an iMessage, post it on Twitter or Facebook, send it by mail, etc. You can also create custom actions to send the text directly to a contact. Very useful

Google Search

Google has added the Google Now tool in its search application for iOS. Now you can enjoy the benefits of Google's personal assistant from your iPad. Also as you search the assistant learn your tastes and every day offer you news with your most personal tastes. Ask him what you want and add new cards every day full of information

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