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Best Apps and Games for iPad of the Week (April 22, 2013)

The App Store is always continuously updated and there are many applications and games for Apple tablets. As it is impossible to try them all, in iPadizate we try to help you with a small list of the best apps and games that we have tried and that have been downloaded the most during the week.

This week we have tried Iron Man 3, a spectacular graphics game where we will fly over New York, China and Malib. We have also spent very addictive times with Crazy Raider, killing mummies left and right. Runaway already has the two parts of the game in the App Store and you can not miss its history. The National Prado Museum guide invites you to see the permanent collection with indispensable information on each work. After the football week we have had, it won't hurt any coach to have Ftbol HD Slate. For the little ones of the Talking Pcoy HD house they will have fun and entertain on more than one occasion.

The best Apps and Games for iPad that we downloaded in the week of April 22

National Museum of the Prado. Official Guide

Available in five different languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese, the official guide of the Prado Museum is a real delight. Art lovers are in luck because you can learn much more by walking through the museum and checking your iPad. You can also enjoy from your sofa 400 images in high quality of the works that the museum exhibits.

Runaway: A Twist of Fate – Part 1

Runaway finally comes to iOS and will do it in two parts. In the first part we can enjoy this peculiar couple where the female protagonist has, for the first time in this series, an important role. With this fantastic game for iPad a magical adventure awaits you full of mysteries and riddles that you will have to solve. Also enjoy almost as much history as the game.

Iron Man 3 – The Official Game

This week the official Iron Man 3 iPad game has been released to the App Store and we can say that we loved it. Gameloft has prepared an endless runner-type game where we will fly and destroy enemies in equal parts. Really spectacular graphics and great playability demonstrate the benefits of this game.

Ftbol Slate HD

Do you want to become the next Guardiola or the next Mourinho? Ftbol HD board is the perfect application. In it you can recreate any play by drawing on the pitch. You can also place your players thanks to the numbered chips and mark the strategy of the next game.

Talking Pocoy HD

Pocoy is looking forward to playing with the little ones in the house! Talking Pocoy HD is an application for iPad with which you will have the opportunity to talk to Pocoy, he will repeat everything you tell him. You can also tickle him, play the instruments that Pocoy teaches you, try to guess the animals he imitates and much more.

Crazy raider

Crazy Raider takes us to the most mysterious catacombs so you can get as many treasures as possible. But be careful, the mummies have woken up and you will have to end them if you want to leave each mission alive. You may feel cornered on more than one screen but remember that you can quickly escape shooting.

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