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Apps for iPad + Downloaded All Time (Part 1)

On the occasion of the celebration of the 50,000 million downloads of the App Store, Apple has published a series of listings with the most downloaded apps in store history.

During the next few days we will review the different categories of the lists published by Apple, reviewing the most popular apps that can be found in the App Store.

Ready? We start with the

The 25 most paid iPad Apps of all time

1 – Pages

Undoubtedly an indispensable app for anyone who needs to view, edit or create documents on their iPad. Thanks to it, it is possible to create great text documents and, of course, it synchronizes perfectly with the Mac version through iCloud.

2 – Numbers

Do you use the iPad to work? Do you like to have your finances completely controlled? If so, Numbers should be on your tablet. The Apple spreadsheet that, like Pages, synchronizes perfectly with the Mac version through iCloud.

3 – Keynote

Apple's alternative to Powerpoint. Many believe that the Apple app is the best to make all kinds of presentations. The reality is that it is very good and with it you can get great results. As with Pages and Numbers, this app also synchronizes perfectly with the Mac version through iCloud.

4 – GoodReader

GoodReader is one of those apps that become essential for anyone who uses their iPad for more than just surfing the Internet or accessing social networks. The app is designed to display documents in different formats. In addition, it allows you to take notes and many other interesting features. No wonder it is so well placed on this list.

5 – GarageBand

When Apple announced GarageBand it surprised the keynote attendees (and also those who followed it from home). The app, like the Mac version, offers a lot of interesting features to any amateur (or even professional) music player. Recording tracks, virtual instruments and much, much more.

6 – Pou

The most downloaded iPad game ever You need to know more? Pou is a kind of virtual pet to which you will have to feed, clean, play with it and observe it as it grows and evolves. An experience, especially for the smallest of the house.

7 – Where is my water?

One of those games that, soon after you start, you realize that you have been hooked. In the game you will have to help Swampy (the main character) to take a shower in the more than 400 levels that make up the game. To do this you will have to get the water to reach the tubing of your shower, but be careful, it will be increasingly difficult!

8 – iPhoto

Another one of those apps that practically does not need presentation. With iPhoto you can organize, edit, retouch and share photos. In addition, it also allows different photo passes to be shown to friends in a different way. A great app that bears Apple's signature.

9 – Angry Birds HD

The original, the first version of the game of pissed off birds also has its version for iPad and, of course, is in the list of the most downloaded apps in the history of the tablet.

10 – Quickoffice Pro HD

Microsoft refuses to launch Office for iPad, so other developers take advantage of the lack and cover the gap. Quickoffice Pro HD for iPad is a great alternative for everyone who needs to be able to view or edit Microsoft Office documents from their tablet.

11 – FIFA 13

Some consider it the best football game in history. Others prefer Pro Evolution Soccer. Whether you're from one side or another, you can't stop having FIFA 13 on your iPad, especially if you like ?King sport?As some call him in Spain.

12 – iMovie

Possibly the best app to edit videos from the iPad. This was the first app of the iLife package that came to the Apple tablet and left everyone with their mouths open.

13 – Trivial Pursuit

Classic board games also have their place in this list. The iPad version of the Trivial Pursuit occupies a place in the middle of the ranking. Who doesn't like to compete with friends to see what he knows best?

14 – Angry Birds Seasons HD

The original Angry Birds triumphed on the iPad, but it wasn't the only title that got millions of downloads. Angry Birds Seasons also has an iPad version and has sneaked into this list.