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Apple is wing with Amazon and Podcast is already compatible with Amazon Echo

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Apple include its Podcasts platform on devices Amazon Echo to continue competing with Spotify. Up to 800,000 podcasts are currently available in Apple's directory so Alexa can play them. The expansion has begun in the United States and will soon spread globally.

To set the device configuration, Amazon Echo owners must synchronize their Apple ID in the Alexa application. And in addition to being able to ask the Amazon virtual assistant to play content, they can also synchronize the playback progress with Apple products compatible with the Podcasts application: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac.

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The operation of Apple Podcasts on Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo users will be able to say "Hey Alexa" and ask them to play the title of a specific podcast. The integration of the podcast platform of the firm of the bitten apple is available throughout the Amazon Echo product line, from the economical Echo Dot to the Echo Studio.

How could it be otherwise, requests with voice commands More traditional ones work with Apple podcasts. Commands like "Alexa, go 30 seconds." But remember that It is not yet available in Spain, this expansion begins first by the United States and, little by little, to expand throughout the planet.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that users have the option of selecting Apple Podcasts as the default podcast provider for Alexa. In this way you will not need to ask the virtual assistant to look in the podcast directory of the signature of the bitten apple logo every time you want to ask for something. This can be done from the Alexa application, in Settings> Music and podcasts> Manage new services. What do you think of this new compatibility?