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Android updates, when should we do them?


Android updates, when should we do them?

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February 25, 2016

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While manufacturers are launching more and more frequently, new models that seek to break with the previous ones they have created and, at the same time, compete against their rivals and be attractive to users, software developers do their part of the job launching more recent versions of their operating systems that equip in these terminals, and with those that seek to offer a greater experience to the users, but also, to retain them. The periodicity of these elements has been reduced over time until we find practically one or two updates a year that, however, require a few months to consolidate and solve common mistakes.

In the case of Android, 2016 will be an important year since, the most used system in the world, will have more members in your family that will be gradually implemented in the tablets and smartphones that the different companies are launching to the market. This forces many users or, to acquire new devices equipped with the new interfaces or on the other hand, to renew this component to be able to continue using its terminals but, when is it necessary to update? Then we tell you the advantages and disadvantages of performing this action and we tell you when it may be the right time to do it and thus avoid accidents and how to get the most out of it.

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The most common softwares

Although Android 6.0 Marshmallow already saw the light at the end of 2015, its entry is being slow since currently, most of all terminals that are equipped with the software developed by Google have some version after the 4.1, launched in 2012 and the 5.1 and that together they reach a quota close to 90% of all devices.

The advantages of updating

With the passage of time, we can find some symptoms that indicate that it is time to renew the operating system. Despite the physical indicators that reflect that our terminals may already be aged, with parameters such as a fast consumption battery, the inability to run and download applications that previously worked without problems and unexpected closures of elements like the gallery, we can see that it is time to change software. With the new versions, we found important advances as a greater customization capacity, a saving of resources both in the tasks that the device performs and in the duration of the loads. However, the most important improvement and why the updates are more important, comes from the hand of the security and the guarantee of Privacy of users, since elements such as biometric markers are incorporated, the correction of vulnerabilities and the risk of exposure to elements such as backdoors is minimized.

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The inconveniences

Update is not an action that should be carried out lightly since, in the case of new software, must spend time so that its developers correct bugs that appear with the initial versions and make this element useful. An example: Those users who are now enjoying Lollipop and wish to upgrade to Marshmallow, can wait a few more months to familiarize themselves with the system they use and on the other, so that when it comes to taking the next step, they can improve your user experience thanks to the corrections and added elements. However, the disadvantages more palpable come from the terrain of the Applications, which can sometimes cause compatibility problems and not run correctly when downloading them and that also leads to unexpected closures and, as happens when it is not updated, to other errors like a accelerated consumption of the resources.

So, when should we update?

As we have said before, the best option when changing the operating system version is to wait a few months from its launch. On the other hand, there are two ways other than doing it, or manually, which gives us the freedom to be able to choose when we perform this action but which, however, is not available for all devices and that, in the case of users of systems such as Kit Kat, will not allow updating to the most innovative, and on the other , the Automatic Updates, which in some cases can occur just after the launch of the software but, as a general rule, is the most positive since it takes place when the errors that persisted in their predecessors have already been corrected.

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