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Android is ready to make the leap to virtual reality?


Android is ready to make the leap to virtual reality?

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February 19, 2016

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The functions that our tablets and smartphones can do for us, increase practically with each new model or with other elements such as operating system updates. Currently, manufacturers are looking to create as complete devices as possible that are fully incorporated into the day-to-day life of users and that offer much more than the tasks for which they were conceived in their day and that in their origins, were quite limited. However, the inclusion of these platforms in the lives of millions of people around the world is not limited only to that field since areas such as education, medical or financial, are being great test experiments that help to see which It may be the future of these supports.

On other occasions we have talked about the fact that the virtual reality It is one of the trends that most development will suffer throughout this 2016 and that will mark a new generation in the consumer electronics sector. A large number of firms already sell media such as augmented reality glasses or devices with panels equipped with this technology that for a moment, make us think that the future is already here, but what can we find in Android To be able to enjoy this new step in the way of seeing everything around us? Here we tell you what is already developed and another series of elements that can be very useful to enjoy this progress in our tablets and smartphones.

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Google seems to have learned from the bad experience he had with Google Glass and to overcome the slump that the Mountain View had with this tool, they have launched Cardboard, an instrument that for many can be at least, curious and that it is about glasses made with paperboard and some lenses to which our device connects. Among the strengths of Cardboard highlights its price, of about 13 euros on Amazon, as well as the catalog of applications developed for this media. Its operation is simple. The image is divided into two parts and between the distance between them and our eyes, a combination of both that forms a third is shown. However, not all devices are compatible with this technology because according to its developers, augmented reality can be seen more on devices larger than 5.5 inches. On the other hand, how much more resolution of screen and pixel density, higher quality.

1. SEE

First, we highlight this application, available both for terminals that have Cardboard and for users who do not have these glasses. Its operation is simple: It offers a lot of 3D stories and productions which also include 360ΒΊ panoramas that has become popular until it reaches one million downloads. Another of its strengths is its compatibility with other augmented reality software not developed by Google.



2. VR Cave

This tool is located between a virtual reality application and a game since it is based on explore a cave very extensive in which we must overcome the obstacles that appear. It does not hide a very complex mechanics and, despite having only half a million users, has received positive reviews for offering great visual effects and for being free.

VR Cave