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A WhatsApp crash blocks the app and forces you to reinstall just by receiving a message

Whatsapp It has become an essential app even though its functionalities and security are not the best, and now a code failure can block it completely, just by receiving a message specially designed for it.

To take advantage of the failure, it is necessary to create a modified message at the code level, changing the identifier of the person sending it. WhatsApp is not able to manage this change (which never occurs in normal use), and the application closes.

If we open WhatsApp again, it block again and again, so the only solution is to uninstall it, reinstall it and delete the affected group. That conversation and group files (photos, videos, documents …) can no longer be recovered.

The ruling has been discovered by Check Point, a cybersecurity firm, which has taken it into practice with tools created by themselves, so actually creating the malicious message is not available to anyone.

Image - A WhatsApp crash blocks the app and forces you to reinstall just by receiving a message

This does not take away from the problem, since the inability of WhatsApp to process that modified message could be used to block groups in bulk if it had been located before by a hacker with bad intentions.

In this case, WhatsApp was notified of the error, present on both Android and iOS, and has corrected in version 2.19.246 and later of the messenger program. If we don't update our smartphone apps very often, it's a good time to update WhatsApp and make sure we're safe.

Although this time it has not been possible to make use of the ruling, the possibility of blocking the preferred application of communication of millions of people is a rather serious scenario.

Security breaches or other types are common in WhatsApp, although the company begins to take privacy more seriously. In fact, WhatsApp itself has denounced an Israeli firm for spying on its users, a precedent that says a lot about its concern about the issue.

Even though this error that allows to block WhatsApp is difficult to reproduce, it is not the first time that a similar problem has occurred, blockages have been achieved by sending a high number of emojis, or even characters in certain Asian languages.

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What do you think about the security of WhatsApp? What consequences will the failure to block the application have been discovered by a malicious user?