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70% of users already have iOS 13 installed on their iPhone

iOS 13

With many expectations iOS 13, Apple's new operating system for its iPhone devices, was expected. In this there were many novelties that make all users excited. In September it was launched and today almost three months after its release, iOS 13 It is already present in almost every device in the world.

Let's talk about figures

In accordance with A study very efficient by mixpanel, which is a digital company dedicated to user behavior, iOS 13 has had an acceptance abysmal for all iPhone users.

The company exhibits a graph that literally shows the Advance which has had iOS 13 among users, leaving behind its previous versions. The image details that, in his first week, from September 2 until the 9th of the same month, iOS 13 remained in the market for below 10%, that is, few users were encouraged to install it, this is because there is still the precaution and habit of waiting a few days before updating to avoid problems or failures.

In its second week is when it starts to raise the rate of users who started updating. From September 16 to October 7, iOS 13 began to be installed until it arrived 50% of devices busy, while iOS 12 declined in percentage swoop to the same figure.

IOS 13 Mixpanel Report

iOS 13 a success

As you can see the acceptance lines also counter iOS 12, of course, It is visible. The amazing thing about this event is that it is in steady rise, for the moment it is among iOS 10 that achieved 66.7% in its first quarter in 2016 and iOS 9 that achieved 88%. This is because the operating system has been very striking thanks to all the news that has brought, counting the improvements of its latest version (13.3), but not only that, because so far no serious failures have been reported that may cause a break in your public acceptance. Even though in its first updates some users were reported with problems of reduction in battery life and with version 13.1 and others noticed that background applications were closed earlier than normal in 13.2.

Despite all this, it remains to reach that 93% that iOS 12 maintained in September; iOS 13 it's a great operating system, which until now has been kind in many aspects that improve the performance of the device, it's a matter of time for you to achieve the success.