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20 fantastic telegram boats to improve your messenger experience

If you frequently browse the Play Store for new instant messenger applications, you may know about Telegram. Yes, the one that came out in 2013, not the one of the previous century. Telegram was one of the first messengers to carry encrypted messages to the masses, something that the rival WhatsApp took years to offer. Although you won't find it on everyone's phone, Telegram still has some amazing cool tricks in the manga. One of them is the ability to use scheduled chat services, or simply chat bots.

So, possibly you are thinking how will chat bots benefit you? Well, there are many things in which some of these robots are better than their app counterparts. We bring you the top 20 Telegram boats that can change the way you use Telegram:

1. @wiki

Want to share Wikipedia links with your group of "friends" for class assignments? Well, you can use the @wiki bot for that. You can type @wiki followed by search term and select the desired link . The Wikipedia link will be sent to your contacts or group. This is an online bot, which means you can use it directly from your contact?s chat thread .

2. @vid

There are some videos on YouTube that attract your attention, unlike everything you've seen and make you want to share them with your contacts. Well, the @gram Telegram bot allows you Search for a YouTube video and share the link with your friends. You can do it simply by typing @vid followed by your search query and selecting the desired video link.

3. @imdb

You want to go out to see a movie with your friend, but they can't decide what to watch. The @imdb bot can help you here by allowing you to find the details of the movie on IMDb and send it to your friend. Just type @imdb, followed by name of the film and select the result from the list . IMDb movie information will be sent to your contacts.

4. @gif

GIFs are always fun, as they help you express your emotions. May send great GIFs to your friends on Telegram by typing @gif followed by your search query and selecting an appropriate GIF from the list. The bot send the GIF to your friend from .

5. @bing

It is said that the images speak more than a thousand words. If you wish to express your emotions through images to your Telegram contact, you can do so with the image search bot @bing. Use the @bing tag followed by your search query and select the desired image from the list. The chosen image will be sent.

6. @ bold

Sometimes, a simple text message is not enough. In Telegram, it can be expressed more effectively through various formatting styles so that the messages are as impactful as possible. The bold bot does just that. Type @bold before your message and select the desired format style. You can format your text in bold, italic and styles Fixedsys .

7. @storebot

Telegram is full of hundreds of interesting bots that you should explore. There is an official Telegram Store bot that helps you do exactly that. You can type @storebot in the message box, which generates a list of all bots on Telegram and then touch a bot to send your link to someone. You can also use the Telegram search box to open a different chat thread with this @storebot and browse through the endless list of robots. The commands to interact with the bot are very simple, easy and well designed, which makes searching for bots in Telegram much more fun.

8. @gamebot

Do you want to flaunt your gaming talent in front of your friends? Well, you can play games in the Telegram application itself. Type @gamebot and select a game from the list to play with your contact. You can choose between Math Battle, Corsairs and Lumber Jack . You can play the game with your contacts or play in single mode through the bot chat thread. You can even compare the scores with your contacts. There are also other game bots available, such as @gamee and @Gamee_bot, with other games to fight your contacts.