WhatsApp Rejects Buy Offers from Facebook and Google

WhatsApp Rejects Buy Offers from Facebook and Google

WhatsApp has become the benchmark of current mobile applications, the one that is not missing in any smartphone and, without any doubt, the largest instant messenger application chosen by all users. This has made the company a caramelito with which big giants of the technology industry dream, because whoever does WhatsApp, dominate the entire instant messenger sector.

Today we get an interesting news related to the issue, apparently companies such as Facebook, Google or Tencent Holdings (a Chinese investment company) have put on the table a huge amount of money to buy WhatsApp, but when the company dies it has rejected .

WhatsApp does not seem to be interested in selling to large companies such as Facebook or Google

Facebook seems the most interested of them, because one of the great strengths of the social network is instant communication through its chat, in fact, the company has already launched its own application focused exclusively on chat, and recently incorporated the function of VoIP calls Facebook has already shown its interest in exploiting this field when in 2011 it acquired the mobile messenger company Beluga,and apparently, the next step was to take WhatsApp, but the application n 1 in sales has declined its offer.

In iOS, WhatsApp is the most downloaded application of all payment and maintains this position for some years now. Recently, the emergence of other free instant messenger applications such as Line seem to be eating some ground, but WhatsApp still enjoys enviable health.

As we could see a few weeks ago, the company seems interested in starting to implement an annual fee for its service that will also include all iOS users. From the company explain that the platform manages about 17 million daily messages, so the maintenance costs of an ace service are high. However, the fee will be 0.89 a year, nothing crazy.

Undoubtedly, instant messenger applications have had an incredible boom in recent years, unequivocally indicates that the phenomenal smartphone is reaching more and more sectors of society, so it is not surprising that more and more alternatives arise to try get a piece of the big cake that is the instant messenger.

And you What messenger platform do you prefer? Do you consider that there are superior alternatives to WhatsApp? Share your opinion with us.

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