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WhatsApp does not show photos in Android notifications (with an exception)

Each time Android is updated, it includes hundreds of new features, most of which are not particularly noteworthy. Even among those that have the most impact there are some that go slightly unnoticed.

One of these, in Android 9 Pie, was the possibility that gave developers to implement a new API that made the images we received by instant messaging apps, be shown in the notifications better than before.

Today WhatsApp developers have released an update with that feature.

Now you can see WhatsApp photos better in notifications

Until now we could see the photos in the notifications but they were not always shown whole. With the new API, the image will be displayed in a small way next to the sender of the message and if we deploy the notification it will be expanded, being able to see it directly in the curtain of the system, without entering WhatsApp (and in passing without the double blue check being marked) .

This will work with normal images but not with GIFs or videos. If we want to see them we must click on the notification and enter the application.

WhatsApp stops displaying photos in previous versions

As we said, until now WhatsApp allowed to see the images in the notifications but the change of the API to adapt to Android 9 has caused that in the previous versions of the system this stops working.

In the long term, all mobile phones will use the new API, in Android 9 and future versions, but today it does not seem acceptable that millions of users stop seeing the photos in the notifications so that a few (for now) have this improved version .

At the moment this change is only in the beta version (from which you can download the APK) of the application so if you have the stable version, the Google Play Store, you should not see changes. We will have to wait to see if the developers also pass this API to the stable version.