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VHS Camcorder. Image of the 80s on our tablets


VHS Camcorder. Image of the 80s on our tablets

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March 15, 2016

vhs camcorder image

As we have mentioned on other occasions, video editing and editing apps have been some of the fastest growing in recent years. The great offer that currently exists and which, however, continues to expand, has resulted in its developers being forced to try to offer different and innovative elements that allow them to differentiate themselves from their rivals and capture as many users as possible.

The tools within our reach range from those basic and directed to leisure such as those that house effects such as distortions, frames, and create atmospheres that remind us of science fiction movies, even others more professionals that allow us to record in High Definition and control from devices, aspects such as image saturation, brightness or contrast. However, there are other alternatives that try to add other more attractive functions to those that they share in common with the other platforms. This is the case of VHS Camcorder, of which below we detail some of its most outstanding features.


The idea of VHS Camcorder is simple. It is an app of video creation and editing which is based on this popular format during the 80s and 90s. Through it, we can capture what we want through the cameras of our devices and automatically, the contents are displayed on them in HSV. However, this is not the only feature of this platform since it contains other functions such as the rewinding that we already found in the old tapes or the zoom.

vhs camcorder app

Other features

As we mentioned before, the edition is also one of the strengths of this app, since we can add tags, labels and effects that, in addition to allowing us personalize plus the content we recorded, it also increases that feeling of realism own camcorders several decades ago. However, it incorporates elements such as sound optimizers They offer audio quality similar to that of current image formats.


VHS Camcorder has a cost of 3.22 euros. This can be an impediment to get high numbers of users since currently, it only has several thousand. Nevertheless, does not require integrated purchases, which can be an attractive for the future that can help improve the popularity of this application. Although it has been well received in general terms thanks to the fact that you can enjoy the HSV on our tablets and smartphones, you have also received critics Not being compatible with some devices such as Nexus and the unexpected closures, practically common to all applications.

VHS Camcorder (VHS Cam) Retro 80s Cam

VHS Camcorder (VHS Cam) Retro 80s Cam

VHS Camcorder - The # 1 VHS Cam