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Top 6 parodies of the psy knight (video)

Last week, South Korean artist Psy (creator of the Gangnam Style video) created his new YouTube video titled 'Gentleman' and within 3 days, the video crossed the mark of 100 million views on YouTube, which makes it in the fastest to reach.

The video has uncomfortable movements, catchy music and many unforeseen acts. Some people liked the video and others didn't like it much, but the rest of them hated it.

Here is the original video, if you haven't seen it yet.

Now, here are some of Psy's Gentleman's best parodies. You'll love these parodies no matter how much you hate the original version.

1. Psy – Men's parody (I'm Canadian)

2. Deadpool vs Gentleman (Psy Parody)

3. Knight – Psy (Obama's parody)

4. Kpop Music Mondays: Psy Gentleman (Parody)

5. PSY – Gentleman Parody M / V (English Knight)

6. Psy – Gentleman Parody – Nerdy Man

So that was it. I hope you liked the post, even if you are in the club of those who hate gentlemen. Let me know if you encounter any other awesome parody, post it here.

In recent news, one of South Korea's largest television stations, KBS, has banned it due to unofficial behavior by Psy towards public ownership. Read more about it here.


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