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This will be a folding iPhone

When it seemed that the folding phones had already been presented, comes the surprise of 2019, a few days after closing the year. We have witnessed how it will be a foldable iPhone, and the truth is that we liked the render.

It is a fictional design, but that could become a reality. In this image we can see a folding iPhone in the purest style of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and also with compatibility for Apple Pencil how much success he has given to Apple.

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In addition, according to this design, you will have a 8 inch screen, once it was deployed. And, regarding their cameras, they will be embedded in the main screen, that is, the one that is exposed.

According to this design, the iPhone will have a 360 rotation and each screen can be used individually, or join the two for a single task, such as drawing or writing, for example.

Image - This would be a folding iPhone

The person responsible for this render that he liked so much is a well-known Twitter user called Ben Geskin and that accumulates almost 100,000 followers in the social network of the blue bird.

How it is being customary in all folding phones, or at least in large ones, the screens have very wide edges. Which also happens in this render.

The name does not convince too much since this graphic artist has called the folding iPhone: Apple Fold. We believe that here it has not been right since conflicts may arise with its main competition, the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

But hey, whatever it is, this is just a guess, a fictional design, a possibility among hundreds of thousands. To arrive a foldable iPhone to the market, this will possibly be done in the next Apple keynote in California, which aims to be in the month of March 2020.

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What do you think of the folding iPhone? Do you think this could be your final design? How much do you think a foldable iPhone will cost?