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This is the endurance of Gorilla Glass 5 in Redmi Note 7 against a drill

The Redmi Note 7 is a smartphone that has become iconic as it represents the arrival of great features for mid-range smartphones, as well as the first device that bears the Redmi logo as a sub-brand of Xiaomi.

We have already talked a lot about the camera section and how is that a 48 megapixel sensor, but what brings us to today's note is the great resistance that the Gorilla Glass 5 Corning has managed to hit his screen.

This protection promises to face the falls from more than a meter high, as well as the scratches that could be generated in our pants pockets. The proof of all this can be seen in a video series that some Chinese have made. In which you see below you can see how they step on the screen with heels and jump over and over again.

After this someone thought about doing a rougher test and passed a drill over the screen without pressure making it clear that this protection endures even a large number of revolutions of metallic material.

He Gorilla Glass 5 It makes it clear that you can protect the screens of smartphones from the most intense situations. The Redmi Note 7 continues to score points in favor of its quality / price ratio. Will we have to wait to have it in our hands and let the brand let us do some endurance tests they would like? Let us know in the comment box your opinion about it.


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