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This is how Facebook Inc. dominates on social networks

There are currently 3.4 billion active users in social networks.

Facebook Inc. has grown so much that now its actions worry.

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The popularity that social networks have gained over the years, adding up to more than 3.4 billion total active users (according to data from the Digital report in 2019), has made it possible for some to experience faster growth than others and has made them evolve to maintain their dominance. It is precisely that number of active users the best indicator to get an idea of ​​what are the ones that have become the most relevant, for example, as we show in the graph of this day, Facebook Inc. platforms have managed to impose his domination in recent years.

As highlighted by Statista and the companies behind the social networks, the four platforms owned by Facebook Inc., that is, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp are the ones that most active users manage to gather. All have already managed to exceed one billion monthly active users, while competing platforms, such as Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest, have lagged behind without being able to reach the 500 million user barrier.

The domain that these platforms have in terms of the number of users is certainly positive, however, it does not mean that for brands and companies it is not worth turning to see others, for example, it is known that Pinterest is an important channel for product discovery, while 90 percent of weekly users use the platform to make purchase decisions.

On the other hand, maintaining so much ground gained between social platforms can even become a problem if you want to keep moving forward. As we recently reported, Facebook Inc. plans to integrate all its platforms are at risk as the FTC has expressed concern about possible implications in the competitive landscape.

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