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This country has banned selling Android phones with Google services

While one of the most shocking news of the year was Huawei's ban on using Google services for security reasons, that problem not only affected Huawei but also Google, which before ending the year again suffers a blow similar, but this time by the Turkish government, which has broken relations with Google.

And is that Android phones sold in that country can no longer have Google services installed, that is, they will not come with the Play Store or other Google Apps, and therefore they will not be Google-certified phones that will receive the next operating system updates.

The case is similar to what happens with Huawei, because these phones can use Android, and manufacturers will have to see how to update to the next versions of Android once Google releases the code of its next version of the operating system, but They will not be able to use Google APIs or any other company services in the factory settings, but users will be able to find a way to install those services.

The problems between Google and Turkey

It was in September 2018 when Turqua mult to Google with 93 million lire (just over 15 million dollars) for violating the law of the country regarding the distribution of mobile software, where Google is accused of having a dominant position in this market.

The government of this country then gave Google 6 months to do something about it, and just over a year later the company has announced to its business partners that sell Android phones in Turkey that they will no longer have the services or Google certification.

We have informed our partners that we will not be able to work with them on new Android phones that are launched in the Turkish market. Consumers can continue to buy existing phones and can continue using their devices and applications normally. The rest of Google services will continue to work correctly


Users who already have Android phones will not see modifications, but those who buy new phones will find them without Google services, but they can look for some of the possible ways to install the Google services that are available today.