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They will use algorithms to complete Beethoven's Tenth Symphony

Ludwig Van Beethoven died in 1827 without completing his Tenth Symphony Credit: Shutterstock

A group of musicologists and programmers has joined to complete with
artificial intelligence (IA) the
Tenth Symphony that composer Ludwig van Beethoven left unfinished before his death in 1827, within the framework of the 250th anniversary of his birth next year.

After the great success of his Ninth Symphony, Beethoven continued to work on his next symphony during the last years of his life, but
I just left a few sketches and musical notes.

Now, the group led by the CEO of the Karajan Institute, Matthias Rder, intends to unite all the fragments of the composer and give life to a version of his Tenth Symphony.

To this end, Beethoven's artistic legacy data has been used and converted into machine-readable formats. Later, the AI ??expert at Rurgers University, Ahmed Elgammal, and Mark Gotham, of Cornell University,
they created a system that understands the composer's style.

Through this system, the fragments that Beethoven left join and expand in a musical movement that reflects the work style of the German composer, as reported by Deutsche Telekom, which participates in the project.

Credit: Shutterstock

The computer creates, the musicologists approve

The suggestions created by the AI ??application were analyzed by the musicologists, who then chose the best alternatives. After repeating this step several times, a few more notes were added. Human experts are the ones who finally decide what is the best alternative.

"AI allows us to devise a continuation of a musical movement in 20 or even 100 different versions and that is simply surprising," said Harvard University musicologist Professor Robert Levin.

Christine Siegert, director of the archives and research department of the Beethoven House in Bonn, said that although "the computer still has a lot to learn," the progress has been "impressive."

Siegert has assured that he is "convinced" that Beethoven would have approved this project, since the composer was also an innovator in his time.

He has also insisted that the work of this group of experts does not affect Beethoven's legacy because it is never recorded as part of his work.

The final result of this Tenth Symphony will be presented at the beginning of 2020 in the hometown of Beethoven, Bonn, which is located in western Germany.


They will use algorithms to complete Beethoven's Tenth Symphony – LA NACION