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They steal financial information from 29 thousand Facebook employees

Bank information of about 29,000 Facebook employees was stolen in November and the company did not notify them until almost a month after the incident that could well be the plot of a comedy.

It turns out that the financial data (including bank account numbers, employee names, the last four digits of their social security numbers, their salaries, bonuses and capital details) were stored inside unencrypted hard drives that were inside the car from an employee of the company's payroll and the car was stolen.

It was until November 20 that Facebook notified the incident to everyone through an email and confirmed that the units contain employee information on November 29.

An internal email revealed that the company only realized that hard drives were missing on November 20 and confirmed that the units contained employee information on November 29. The company is still working with the police to recover stolen hard drives and offers its employees two-year subscriptions to an identity theft protection service.

"We have not seen evidence of abuse and believe it was a crushing crime rather than an attempt to steal employee information," a Facebook spokesman said in a statement to the site. Bloomberg.

Facebook has not said either why they were transporting hard drives in an employee's car, or why they do not encrypt the information.

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