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The Snapdragon 820 is the most powerful mobile processor of the new batch


The Snapdragon 820 is the most powerful mobile processor of the new batch

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March 7, 2016

With the appearance of the first flagship In 2016, the funny "wars" of processor manufacturers are also coming into play. This year the Snapdragon 820 and the Exynos 8890 they capture much of the attention. The first one arrives in terminals such as the Xiaomi Mi5, LG G5 or Xperia X Performance. The second, occupies a central place in Samsung's high-end project for this year: it is the heart of its brand new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Despite the results shown in this AnTuTu reportThere are a number of considerations that we need to take into account when assessing what a chip can actually do inside a high-end terminal, and how it relates to the other components. The most important thing is that the Exynos 8890 it only works on the new flagship of Samsung, model which loads with a quantity of pixels (2560 × 1440) noticeably greater than those of Xiaomi or Sony (1920 × 1080), and this may make it appear that its power is somewhat lower, when in reality the processor must undergo a higher requirement and that results in other benefits for the user.

Snapdragon 820, first. Exynos 8890, third

How can you see in the following graphs, the Snapdragon 820 It is placed first in the AnTuTu tests with a mark higher than 136,000 points. Behind him appears the Apple A9 and the top 3 closes the Exynos 8890. Quite behind is the Huawei Kirin 950 chip (waiting for its new model) and the past generations of the usual manufacturers.

AnTuTu Snapdragon 820 vs Exynos 8890

GPU Snapdragon 820 vs Exynos 8890

But it is in graphic terms where the new Qualcomm star processor shows its true strength. In this section we observe how the manufacturer's promise to double the speed with respect to the 810 is almost fulfilled. The problems that the provider dragged throughout 2015 They seem to be far behind.

A much more stable performance

Other tests that have come to light this weekend, in this case published by the editors of the forum XDA Developers, they also show us quite encouraging results. In this case, the tests have been performed with a Galaxy s7 Edge in its Snapdragon 820 version (Therefore, the new generation Exynos is not reflected). What we can appreciate is that the new Qualcomm SoC improves greatly in a matter of stability, not only already performance, if we compare it with a Nexus 6P, and it remains at a level very similar to that of an iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s vs Nexus 6P vs Galaxy S7 Edge

Blue: Galaxy S7 Edge. Red: iPhone 6s Green: Nexus 6P.

He Snapdragon 810 He got involved in a great controversy last year. Without going any further, Samsung refused to host this processor in its S6 on the grounds that it got too hot and had to pull itself. Later, an adjustment that lowered the CPU frequency seemed to find the key to the problem, balancing the thermal response. Even so, the XDA boys have also been able to verify that the 820 model of the series is clearly better than its predecessor in this regard; without arriving at the efficiency of the A9 or the Exynos that we saw in the Galaxy Note 5.