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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will hit the market in the same month of its presentation

All the lights are currently in the Galaxy Note 9. It is a device in which Samsung has high expectations, and will come high. At least in Korea, Samsung's homeland.

The Galaxy Note 9 would be on sale on August 24, loaded with gifts

It is not a secret that Samsung will present the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9. The company announced it a while ago and they are already heating engines on social networks, letting us know that it will have fabulous storage and battery.

What we still did not know was the period in which Samsung plans to sell this device, since the company wants to accelerate its sales due to a Galaxy S9 that has not worked as expected. It seems that a Korean operator has already prepared a welcome sign for Note 9.

In this poster we can appreciate that the terminal reservations would begin on August 10, one day after the presentation. The device would go on sale within two weeks, or what is the same, August 24th. At least in Korea, yes.

Another aspect they have shown is that the terminal would arrive full of gifts for users who make their reservation. On the poster we see a housing, protectors, adapter, powerbank and wireless charger. A high-stakes commitment to encourage users to acquire it as soon as possible.

It would not be the first time that Samsung tries to encourage sales in its reserves, since on some occasion he has offered his virtual reality glasses Gear VR or the Samsung DeX.

Something Samsung has taught us in the past with the Galaxy Note 7 is that the rush is not quite good, since any small mistake can end up going wrong. The company is going through a period of doubt after the financial results, although they expect to resurface with a spectacular Note 9.