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The Samsung Galaxy Fold are a success in sales

Galaxy Fold sales

After so many problems before its official launch, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally achieving important things. After the storm there is always calm and that is what is happening with the Samsung folding device that, according to the company, It has become a success in sales. And if you want to know more, you can't miss this article.

The Galaxy Fold has been a success for Samsung

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The president of Samsung Electronics, Young Sohn, has been in charge of revealing for the first time some figures of the sales that the Galaxy Fold has had so far.According to the executive, the Korean company has sold at least 1 million Galaxy Fold devices worldwide. He also mentioned the importance of having a million people who want to use this device despite being so expensive.

This has also shown that there is a potentially attractive market, even for devices with incredibly high prices. Do not forget that the 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold has a cost of $ 1980 or 1770 euros to change. While its 5G variant, available only in Asia, starts with a price of 2398 million Korean won, which is equivalent to just over 1820 euros.

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It has also been known that the high price of the smartphone is not scaring Canadian buyers. An official source from Samsung has revealed that the Galaxy Fold It's almost sold out in Canada, and the phone barely arrived in stores on December 6. All has a cost of 2600 Canadian dollars or about 1763 euros to change.

Major sales, but far from the brand's main devices

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While these Samsung Galaxy Fold sales numbers seem to be quite strong, they are obviously nothing compared to the main emblematic lines of Samsung, as the Samsung Galaxy S10 family. By mid-2019, Samsung had already sold 16 million devices in the S10 family, which includes Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10e and S10 5G.

Still, these Samsung Galaxy Fold sales numbers They tell an interesting story. Since with an incredibly high price and a disastrous launch, Samsung can still sell a million units of an innovative smartphone.

P.S.: They have finally clarified that this figure may not be entirely true and that all these units have not yet been sold, but the news remains, despite everything, surprising.

Source | Android Authority

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