The Official YouTube Application for iPad Receive an Update

The Official YouTube Application for iPad Receive an Update

The official application of Youtube For iPad I had many detractors because the app does not allow to see live broadcasts. That has changed radically because with the new update you can enjoy live broadcasts that play on YouTube on your iPad or on any iOS device. Now you have no excuse to see any of the concerts that are broadcast in rigorous direct through the Google platform. With this new update the YouTube application manages to resemble its web version every day that we can enjoy on any computer. Google also ensures that it has fixed numerous bugs in the application that impede the good performance of the application, now operating in a much more fluid way.

The YouTube App for iPad receives an important update and adds the live in its videos

The YouTube application already allows you to enjoy on your iPad a lot of videos with the most varied content you could imagine. Of course you can enjoy the music videos of your favorite singers, all for free just as you can do it through their website. Also the new update has added, in the sidebar, quick access to the latest videos that have been added in the subscriptions of your favorite channels.

YouTube for iPad too now allows the possibility of creating a specific playlist to watch directly on your TV. In addition you can count on all the benefits that the YouTube application for iPad already offered such as leaving comments on the videos you want, sharing video links by mail, Twitter, Facebook or Google +, etc.

TOWhat is a video of the official YouTube app for iPad:

The truth is that the YouTube application for iOS shouted an update that would allow live broadcasts to be able to enjoy them from your iPad. Now many companies are in negotiations with Google to broadcast sports events, concerts, live talks, etc. You have no excuse for not having the app installed on your iPad. The application is universal and free and you can download it on any device with iOS 5 or higher, it is also optimized for all screen sizes including the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

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