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The multiplayer Mario Kart Tour reaches some players

Mario Kart Tour

One of the most popular games for Android this year has been Mario Kart Tour, there is no doubt about that. Now, the truth is that the game is a bit limited and this has not finished convincing the community of players. Above all because does not have multiplayer mode.

But maybe everything is about to change, as Nintendo itself announced, a beta with multiplayer included It should arrive this December. Yes, everyone is tired of playing against AI.

It's time to play against real players on Mario Kart Tour

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Although the mobile version of Mario Kart is not as complete as that of the console, the truth is that it offers an excellent gaming experience. The races are very fun, you can skid, there are accidents everywhere, but, yes, lack more dynamism and that can only be given by real players.

This is how you can increase the level of demand of the title, and not only that. Finally you can play against your friends or family Without any problem. Logically, the fun will also be much greater, it is true that AI repeatedly becomes monotonous and easy to beat.

Multiplayer exists but is not enabled for everyone

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Surely you have seen that the multiplayer is already on Mario Kart Tour but is out of order. This happens because the game mode is only enabled for those players who have the golden pass.

So if you only have the Free version of the title should wait for the stable version to be able to use multiplayer. Nintendo's plan is very simple, test its servers in a few players and then s enable multiplayer to the entire community.

The good news is that soon you can use multiplayer In Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo has announced it through its Twitter account. So you just have to have a little patience, that's all.

What do you expect from the multiplayer Mario Kart Tour?, Will you use it to play with your friends?

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