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The first PlayStation 5 game has just been announced

When PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are released next winter, each will include a lot of new games, including own and third-party titles that are being developed in time for the launch of the two consoles. Microsoft stole The Game Awards the other day with an unexpected revelation. The company showed us what the Scarlett Project looks like and told us what it is called, revealing several vital details about it in the process. We also saw an exciting breakthrough of a game that is in process for the X Series, but it is not just the new Xbox that received some love during the show. While the first announcement of the game for PS5 may not be as exciting as the surprise of Microsoft, we still have a breakthrough for you that gives us a quick look at a PS5 title.

We are looking Godfall, which comes from Gearbox in association with Counterplay Games. We are watching a type of "third-person fantasy looter-looter game focused on close combat."

According to The edge, the game has cooperative modes for solitaire, do and three players, and the action takes place in a completely new universe. No game video was shown during the event, which is a shame, as it will have taken a look at the capabilities of the PS5.

The game that Microsoft revealed for the Xbox Series X, The Senua saga: Hellblade II It seems much more exciting, although it is still early for both platforms.

Godfall It's about collecting loot and weapons and supposedly cutting more rivals. We don't have a real release date for that, which will probably give us a clue when to wait for the PS5 in stores, but the game will come on the 2020 vacation.

Godfall Be just one of the new games ready for PS5, and the console will probably support many of the games that are currently available on PlayStation 4.

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Image source: Olly Curtis / Future Publishing / Shutterstock

Source: BGR