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The clues that Apple's latest acquisition throws on iPhone

A good clue can be found in the photographic section of future versions of iPhonenos Apple has provided with the acquisition of the emerging Spectral Edge.

Although the company's website can no longer be accessed, the business park page where its offices are located retains information. All claims that it is a cutting-edge company in image processing, which uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to improve photos.

"We can reveal more of the color, details and clarity in a scene." The more intelligent the processing, the more the image reveals the richness of the moment. It is a real-time integrated technology, ”he said.

In other words, Spectral Edge technology makes photos look brighter, more colorful and with more details when you take them, not after adding a filter. However, technology can be added to a device through software or hardware, according to Bloomberg.

While this does not tell us much about Apple's future plans for the iPhone camera, all manufacturers are using computer photography to improve shots.

Appearances in the press dating back to 2016 indicate that Spectral Edge technique involves the use of data collected from multiple images along with an infrared photo to generate your final photo, because the infrared can penetrate through foggy or hazy conditions more Effective than visible light.

The Apple subsidiary today then uses a special combination of artificial intelligence and deep learning to put everything together in an optimal final photo. It is probably something you don't need to activate on the camera.

As we can well expect, to be a function that "simply works" at the right time. Apple can also quickly integrate the improvements into the 2020 or 2021 iPhone, according to report Digital Trends.

While Bloomberg's report says that the function does not need new hardware, Spectral Edge has said in the past that the camera requires an infrared sensor.

Apple has been experimenting with HDR-style improvements for some time, and Spectral Edge technology seems to be a continuation of that. Most iPhone owners will be familiar with Smart HDR, but on iPhone 11 and iOS 13.2, they can also try the Deep Fusion feature, which is automatically activated when conditions are right.

It is likely that Spectral Edge technology, or whatever Apple ends up calling it, could be seen as a new feature within the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 camera.

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