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The camera module of the Samsung Galaxy S11 + can be seen

The camera module of the Samsung Galaxy S11 + can be seen 1

Although there are still a couple of months left before we have the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S11, little by little we know more details of the terminal, especially its impressive rear camera module. Again the information we bring you today is a leak, this time coming from the Ice Universe Twitter account.

The Galaxy S11 + cameras "halfway"

In what appears to be a promotional image, the well-known filter shows us half of the camera module of the Samsung Galaxy S11 +. In it you can see three lenses on the left that correspond to a ultra wide angle, main camera and telephoto lens periscopic. The right part is not shown, but it is believed to have the flash and a ToF sensor.

Much of the size of this module is due in large part to the peculiar design of the periscope, which does not mount the lenses that compose it vertically, but uses a horizontal system that forces light to refract at a 90 degree angle .

The image does not give much more information, but it does show the large size of this module, so Samsung is seen to have bet very hard on it, even at the risk of losing the aesthetics of lines that we see so far in this range. In February 2020 we should see the launch of this device.

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