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The best smartphone of 2019 for the Hipertextual team

2019 is nearing its end, and therefore it is time to take stock. In Hypertext we started our review the last twelve months with the selection of the best smartphones of 2019; some recognitions that, after the great announcements and movements lived in the last year, have been extremely laughed.

iPhone 11 Pro (and 11 Pro Max)

Manzana has never been so close to perfection as with the iPhone 11 Pro and its Max variant. The new generation of smartphones of the North American company has one of the best screens in the industry, a design truly premium and refined, the most advanced SoC to date and, now, an autonomous that matches the best in the sector even in the most compact model.

To that list we must also add the great leap made in the photographic field, which has won both versatility and quality. The inclusion of a third camera (wide-angle type) and the inclusion of new technologies such as Deep fusion, the night mode or the improvement of Smart HDR have made the camera of the iPhone 11 Pro the most solvent, balanced and constant in today's industry.

All this, in addition, It is seasoned by many minor but equally important details, which make the difference between a very good product and a brilliant product. These include the promising U1 chip, the excellent video stabilization (where the iPhone is unrivaled), the precise screen calibration and the great sound system that is now also enveloping.

The iPhone 11 Pro is the smartphone most expensive of all the high-end launched in 2019, but it is also the most advanced model. Who does not want compromises and look for the best, find the best choice on the iPhone 11 Pro.

iPhone 11

IPhone 11

The iPhone 11 Pro incorporates the most advanced technologies and, therefore, is positioned as the perfect product for the most demanding users. However, that does not mean that this is the most recommended purchase for the vast majority of the population. That award is actually taken by the iPhone 11, a smartphone what iPhone XR strategy continues, inherits most of the technologies present in the iPhone 11 Pro and puts them in the hands of consumers for a remarkably lower amount.

For 699 dollars / 809 euros, the iPhone 11 offers the same photographic capabilities as the iPhone 11 Pro with the exception of the telephoto type camera, has the same processor as the most advanced model and achieves an autonomous that is among the best of your segment It is a product that it fully meets the aspects that matter most to the population (reliability, design, speed, photography and autonomy) and, in addition, it is seasoned with a wide range of very attractive colors and a significantly lower price than other alternatives.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

The tenth Note although technically the ninth could not be missing among the smartphones that most caught the attention of the team Hypertext. Is about one of the most recommended Android in the sector, because a very advanced processor, an OLED screen of the highest level the best along with that of the iPhone 11 Pro, in fact and a really striking design, among other things.

This quiz is not the most disruptive bet of the year because it does not contribute anything that we have not seen in other products, but that does not prevent this Galaxy Note 10+ from being one of the most accurate and safe recommendations of the current catalog. Looking ahead, however, it will be positive for Samsung to look further into certain aspects of weight such as photography, where Apple, Huawei and Google have taken the lead in various ways.

Huawei P30 Pro