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Stories in WhatsApp format, the funniest way to read

It may seem that we do not read too often, but the truth is that we spend the day between letters. Ok, you may not have time to open a good book, but you do browse through all the stories that come to you through Whatsapp, Telegram and other messaging applications. They are close stories, easy to read and follow, capable of exciting you or making you laugh. So why not look for that kind of reading in an application that just invite you to read?

He WhatsApp format It is not new in the field of short story, there are several apps that take advantage of it. Although today we are going to talk about one in particular: Leemur. With this pun between the animal and the habit of sinking into the words of a story we have an app that offers you just that, stories. Adapted to the style of messaging and with tremendous capabilities to move you.

Get carried away by Leemur stories, a simple and different way of reading

Stories in WhatsApp format, the funniest way to read

The stories that you will find in the application are diversified into different categories so that you have the genres that you like the most. Horror, romantic, comedy, science fiction… All genres have different stories that add stories with relative frequency. These are subdivided into chapters to make it even more comfortable for you to read a few minutes of reading: you decide how much to read. Of course, it is very common to get hooked.

Leemur is a reading application which offers texts adapted to the mobile screen. This adaptation is achieved by choosing the style of messaging applications: as if you were reading the WhatsApp of another person, the stories will catch you irremediably. Go by clicking on the β€œTouch here to continue!” Button and you will skip one line of text after another, it is not complicated.

Stories in WhatsApp format, the funniest way to read

Leemur It is an excellent application with which to incite the habit of reading. The stories have a fairly high quality average; always keeping in mind that most of them are amateurs (anyone can upload their own story to Leemur). They are very well adapted to the mobile and offer the necessary variety to hook anyone who wants to entertain themselves by reading a story, whatever the type.

Without advertising and with all the options at your fingertips after registration

With Leemur You will have a lot of stories to read without being interrupted by advertising. You only need to register with your Google account to access all the stories: there are no reading limits. And includes a dark mode It makes it easy to read at night.