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Sony sold only 2 million phones in a quarter and that is very dangerous

Every three months the different companies usually present the results of the operations carried out in that period. The big techs are no exception and today we have known the figures of Sony, which has significantly reduced sales compared to the second quarter of last year.

The company data (PDF) have shown the figures of smartphones sold (or rather sent to suppliers) among other elements. But we will focus on mobile phones.

Only two million in three months

Between April and June 2018 Sony Mobile, the smartphone division of the giant Japanese corporation, has sold only two million phones. This figure is really low, even comparing it with the one announced a year ago.

In 2017 the units sold by the same subsidiary amounted to 3.4 million worldwide.

The income is much less powerful than a year ago. In the second quarter of this year 1180 million dollars have been entered and last year in the same period were 1,500 million dollars.

Fall in Europe and Japan

The decrease in sales, of more than 30%, It is due to the fall of relevance of the brand in two of its most important markets, Japan and Europe.

This has meant that the company has lowered its sales forecasts for all of 2018 from 10 million mobiles to 9 million, although the results of the next two quarters will have to be seen to verify it.

The firm does not intend to abandon the design, manufacture and marketing of mobile phones, especially given the imminent arrival of 5G. For Japanese executives this new technology will be very relevant in the future and having a smartphone affiliate is important to carry out tests and position themselves in the market, as they said a few months ago.