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Siri saves a boy who had a traffic accident and fell to a river

accident hey siri

If there is an Apple device that saves lives almost every month that is the Apple Watch, however there are also other Apple technologies that can be essential in case of emergency, and one of them is Siri. Apple's virtual assistant has already been a great help on more than one occasion and now he could have saved a young driver's life.

The media KIMT News of Iowa tells us today the story of Gael Salcedo, an 18-year-old who goes to classes when he hit a piece of ice on the road. After the blow, the car went off the road and ended up in the ice cream ro Winnebago.

Siri could have saved his life

Gael is a student at North Iowa Area Community College and how he goes to class in his car every day. However this time nothing was going to happen as usual since he had a severe accident and both he and his car ended up in the Winnebago River, a river that in this little time is frozen.

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<p>When Gael realized that he was at the river, "he quickly lowered the window" fearing that his Jeep would sink, but he also had to find a way to contact emergency services. That's when an idea came to his head: use Siri. Bean <strong>lost your iPhone in the crash</strong>but I knew I had to be somewhere in the car, so he simply said <strong>"Hey Siri"</strong>.</p>
<p>?I lost my phone and since I couldn't find it, I said? Hey Siri, call 911 ? ?</p>
<p>Mason City firefighters arrived quickly and approached the Jeep from the passenger side as the current of the river does not allow the driver's side door to open. However, they were moments of anguish because while all that happens, the <strong>water level inside the car rise quickly</strong>.</p>
<p>Fortunately for Gael they were able to rescue him and although he was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital, he was discharged from the hospital only three hours later. An incredible story that shows how <strong>Technology can help you at any time of emergency</strong> Like a traffic accident.</p>