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Safari Mobile Still the Most Popular Browser for Mobile

The market analysis firm Net Market Share has just published a report that reflects the use of different web browsers from mobile devices. For the study they have been based on the data obtained from about 160 million monthly visits from different websites and Safari Mobile, the native iPad, iPhone or iPad mini browser has taken 40% of the total. In the case of only mobile browsers, Safari Mobile has obtained a 61.79% market share, which makes Apple devices the most popular for Internet access.

According to the company, Safari has increased its popularity compared to the previous month by more than 6%. In February 2013, it registered the lowest percentage of use with only 55.41%, these being the lowest numbers since January 2012.

Safari Mobile is located as the most popular browser among mobile devices

The increase in the percentage of use during the month of March placed Safari Mobile at the maximum representation in the market for the last 6 months. However, it is one each compared to the first half of 2013, where Apple's mobile web browser obtained a percentage of 65% on a regular basis.

As expected, the native Android web browser is the closest competitor. During the month of March it obtained a market share of 21.86%, one each of 1.04% when compared to the month of February. In the second half of 2012, the Android web browser registered an increase in its presence, practically at the same time that Safari Mobile was beginning to lose users. However, it seems that trends are changing again.

Once again we see figures showing that it weighs that there are more Android devices in circulation, in terms of use iPad and iPhone continue to dominate the market. The proper functioning of the devices and the great user experience, seems to encourage the owners of the devices to use them in a more intense way. In the case of Android this does not always happen, especially in low-end models where the user experience is not so good.

Net Market Share collects data from visitor browsers from more than 40,000 websites with approximately 160 million unique visits per month to generate the data it analyzes and with which it prepares its reports.

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